Learn with ADA

Aotearoa Driving Academy teaches to and above the national NZTA approved standards, not only do we work with the learner driver to ensure they learn to drive in a safe and responsible manner, we also support their driving coach be it a family member or a friend using our self-developed Client Reporting system that allows the learner and their driving coach to access their report online at any time, ensuring your valuable driving time is used in a constructive way as well as keeping the costs of lessons to a minimum. Our reporting system links to the NZTA website www.drive.govt.nz which has helpful videos that show the learner and coach important beginner techniques.

Young Drivers

We work with parents, caregivers and leading experts to help give drivers the tools to be safe on what can be a rewarding journey. 60 and 90 minute lessons, driver assessments and mock tests available

Medical Driver Training

We offer training to those with a disability or a medical condition, a specialty vehicle containing a various number of modification can be hired by arrangement, however, we are happy to use your own vehicle, contact James on 03 929 0125 or email admin@adrivingacademy.com for more information.

Refresher Drives

These are perfect for those drivers who have let time slip them by and are a little apprehensive about getting behind the wheel again, we drive in your familiar vehicle in your familiar area and we can gently rebuild on your knowledge and skills

Pro Active Drive

This is a free practical driving course with one of our qualified instructors, if you are on your restricted license contact admin@adrivingacademy.com for more information.


Serious about giving your Learner the safest head start? TeenCoach is a 90 minute workshop for parents/caregivers/mentors of learner drivers. We will give you practicaltips on how to safely coach your learner driver email admin@adrivingacademy.com for more information