Welcome to Aotearoa Driving Academy

Canterbury’s most supportive driving school... Driving education with difference!

Our goal is to provide education on not only the practical side of driving but we also believe it is essential that all drivers are skilled in all aspects of road safety including their car, other vehicles, the road and the general driving experience. There is no quicker or more certain way to learn the rules of the road than with our qualified Driver Training Instructors. We know how to get the best from you and will help you feel at ease in the driving seat so you can learn to drive with confidence and more importantly skills that will maintain your safety when driving alone.

At Aotearoa Driving Academy, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in driver education in New Zealand, we work closely with other road safety stakeholders providing our specialised knowledge to enhance their road safety message and also to ensure that our own knowledge is constantly expanding.

Not only do we help coach learner drivers our unique and specially trained instructors help all drivers of any age or ability to get back on the road again, whether it is a lack of confidence or a medical condition we are happy to help as well as qualified.

James Morrison

As the owner of Aotearoa Driving Academy, James has worked passionately towards building up his knowledge of all road safety education after years of Aotearoa Driving Academy’s core business being learner drivers, James was approached to help Burwood Hospital with their medical assessments which was a very extensive learning curve.

James is our expert on patiently coaching drivers that have had a medical episode such as a stroke, brain injury, MS and many other conditions also with modified vehicles that have left sided accelerators, radial and push/pull hand controls, satellite controls etc... James also works with a number of private Occupational Therapists around New Zealand

James is also a road safety facilitator for RSE facilitating RYDA and Good 2 Go around the South Island as well as the creator of TeenCoach which is a 90 minute workshop developed to help parents/caregivers coach their learner drivers